It's natural to have questions about our soap!


In the unlikely event that this happens, you just have to start the process over. Moisten the base, place the soap on the soap dish, let dry flat for 24 hours. Your SAVUM experience can now continue.
Yes, that's the beauty of the design. Our soap dish enables you to use the soap down to the last millimeter to prevent any waste.
With the CLEAP© system, the soap sticks to the soap dish so that you can use it until it is completely worn down. Then, just insert the small remaining soap tablet into the next bar of soap. By doing it this way, it is impossible to waste.
Our soap dish is made of untreated, bio-based, dye-free material. It gets its coffee colour from the vegetable fibres in its composition. The colour will eventually whiten over time, but this will not affect the effectiveness of the soap dish. To restore it to its original colour, simply coat it with a consumable oil of your choice.
The rope for our soap dish is made of plastic recovered from the ocean. It’s Ocean Yard certified; another good reason to love us!
Our natural soaps are made by a family business in Provence, which is in the south of France.
Our innovative soap dishes are proudly made in Switzerland.
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